The IICT main scientific and innovative projects for 2019-2021

Hardware implementation of information and communication technologies in electoral processes (in conjunction with the National Innovation Center LLP). Customer is the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Development and research of cryptographic information security tools (hardware implementation). Customer is the Ministry of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mathematical models of electric power and economic systems (in cooperation with the NCJSC Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications and International Science Complex “Astana”. Customer is KEGOC

Monitoring of agricultural crops. “Smart farming” using Big Data technologies and development of mobile robotic systems (in cooperation with KazNAU).Customer is the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The system of environmental monitoring “Smart City” (in conjunction with the International Science Complex “Astana”). Customers: akimats (city administration) of Astana and Almaty

Intelligent mobile monitoring, control and operational alert system based on unmanned aerial vehicles (in conjunction with the Tomsk Polytechnic State University). Customers: the Ministry of emergency, the Ministry of digital development, defense and aerospace industry of the republic of kazakhstan

Latinization of Kazakh language – Automatic transcoding system from Cyrillic to Latin (in conjunction with the RSE “Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics”). Customer is the MES RK

Mathematical and computer models, hardware and software tools and experimental development on creation of network combined effective dual-circuit solar collectors with thermosiphon circulation and monitoring of their functioning in conjunction with the NCJSC Almaty University of Power Engineering. Customer is the MES RK

The Institute of Information and Computational Technologies has developed speech technologies and text analyzers, which can be found on our cloud website