Laboratory of computer engineering of intelligent systems

Head of the laboratory

PhD Mamyrbayev O.Zh.

Development of information technologies and research of mathematical models, methods of speech recognition and text information analysis.

Aims and objectives of the laboratory

The main objective of the laboratory is to conduct research in the field of computer engineering and speech technology. These studies include the development of hardware and software for modern intelligent systems, artificial intelligence systems, speech technologies, computer linguistics and information retrieval systems.

Priority for the Laboratory are the following tasks:

  • Research in the field of artificial intelligence and speech technology.
  • Development of a new technology for automatic speech recognition for low-resource languages.
  • Study of the theory of Bayesian networks for solving various applied problems in different areas of science and production.
  • Study of the theory of cellular neural networks with a singular perturbation.
  • Development of methods and models of searching and analyzing criminally significant information in unstructured and semi-structured text arrays.
  • Development of effective algorithms and models for processing text data, using the latest achievements in computer linguistics.
  • Publication of scientific articles in highly rated journals based on the results of the study

Obtained intellectual property certificates

  • Мамырбаев О.Ж; Тұрдалыұлы М.; Мекебаев Н.О; Тұрдалықызы Т.; Сейтқали Б.Н., Дуйсенбаева А.Ж..; Авт. св. №142 «System of automatic creation of vocabulary for ASR»/ опубл. 22.01.2019 МЮ РК.