Laboratory of Robotics and Automation Control Systems

Head of the laboratory

PhD Islamgozhayev T.U.

The laboratory is engaged in the research and development of integrated robotic systems, both ground-based and airborne.

The main tasks and directions include:

– Creation of simulation models for the subsequent development of prototypes;

– Solving problems of controlling robotic means in uncertain conditions and variable terrain;

– Solving the problems of coordinating several robotic means to perform a single task;

– The use of pattern recognition algorithms to solve the problems of the interaction of robots with people and surrounding objects, as well as for movement on the terrain;

– Development of algorithms and software for controlling robotic systems;

– Study and application of artificial intelligence algorithms  and frameworks for solving pattern recognition and trajectory planning tasks.

Currently, the laboratory is conducting research on the creation of interactive robots, including a pattern recognition system and facial expressions, a system for interacting with people through audio, and a system for generating facial expressions on a three-dimensional simulation model.