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Bekarystankyzy Akbayan

Junior researcher of the “Institute of Information and Computational Technologies”, PhD (specialty 8D06103-Management information systems)


Bekarystankyzy Akbayan  graduated from the Kazakh-British Technical University in 2009 with bachelour a degree in Computer Science and Software.

In 2009-2010 she studied for a master“s degree at the Kazakh-British Technical University majoring in «Information Systems».

Bekarystankyzy Akbayan is PhD student at the Satbayev University, major: 8D06103 – “Management information systems”. 

Since 2020, she has been working part-time as a junior researcher at the Institute of Information and Computational Technologies in the grant funding project AP08855743 “Development of an end-to-end automatic speech recognition system for agglutinative languages” (2020-2022)).

Scientific works

  1. Mamyrbayev, D. Oralbekova, A. Kydyrbekova, T. Turdalykyzy and A. Bekarystankyzy, “End-to-End Model Based on RNN-T for Kazakh Speech Recognition,” 2021 3rd International Conference on Computer Communication and the Internet (ICCCI), 2021, pp. 163-167, doi: 10.1109/ICCCI51764.2021.9486811.
  2. Mamyrbayev, O., Alimhan, K., Oralbekova, D., Bekarystankyzy, A., & Zhumazhanov, B. (2022). Identifying the influence of transfer learning method in developing an end-to-end automatic speech recognition system with a low data level. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1(9(115), 84–92.


Мамырбаев О.Ж., Кыдырбекова А.С., Оралбекова Д.О., Жумажанов Б.Ж., Бекарыстанкызы А. Разработка интегральной системы автоматического распознавания речи для агглютинативных языков. – Институт информационных и вычислительных технологий КН МОН РК. – 2022. – 104 с.