Models and methods of semantic analysis and presentation of the meaning of the text in computer linguistics

Information on the project

Project type: Grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2018-2020 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Code of the project: AP05133550 (01.01.2018 – 31.12.2020)

Title: Models and methods of semantic analysis and presentation of the meaning of the text in computer linguistics.

The object of research, development or design: Processes of searching, processing and syntactic and semantic analysis of information contained in arrays of unstructured data processed by IRS (Russian, English, Kazakh and Turkish), including anaphoric and rhetorical relations in Russian and Kazakh languages.

Aim of work: development of new linguistic and algorithmic support of information retrieval technologies taking into account syntax and semantic elements, including for Turkic texts, as well as systematization of formal means of expressing anaphoric connections and rhetorical relations of the Russian language.

Research methods: The methodological basis for the study of various objects arising in computational linguistics and the verification of their logical properties are the concepts and constructions of mathematical logic: the first-order predicate calculus, the model, the concept of the truth of a formula on a model, etc.

Field of application: tasks of semantic text analysis, machine translation, automatic text summarization, information retrieval in search and dialog systems and other automatic artificial intelligence systems in the ATP part.

Project Investigator: Yerimbetova A.S. (IICT CS MES RK)

The organization – executor: IICT CS MES RK