Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Technologies

Head of the laboratory

PhD Sambetbayeva M.A.

The main activity of the Laboratory is the development and conduct of fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of knowledge-based intelligent systems, or complex software, linguistic and logical-mathematical tools for the implementation of the main task – to support human activities and  information retrieval through advanced natural language dialogue.

The general approach is to develop methods for solving problems for which there are no formal algorithms: understanding of natural language, learning, proof of theorems, recognition of complex images, etc.Theoretical research is aimed at the study of intellectual processes and the creation of appropriate mathematical models.  Experimental work is carried out by compiling computer programs and creating machines that solve particular intellectual problems or behave reasonably in a given situation. The main areas of the laboratory: representation and processing of knowledge, development of methods and means of integration and effective meaningful access to large amounts of knowledge and data for a given subject area based on ontologies, expert systems and decision support systems, automatic processing of information in a natural language, new methods solving computational and logical combinatorial problems.

The priority tasks for the Laboratory are the following:

  1. Research in the field of management and information systems;
  2. Research in the field of computer linguistics.