Laboratory of computer forensics and software research

Head of the laboratory Cand.Tech.Sc.

Pokusov V.V.

Goals, objectives and main directions of the laboratory

Computer forensics is an applied science about the disclosure of crimes related to computer information, the study of digital evidence, as well as methods of  finding, obtaining and fixing such evidence.

The laboratory was created jointly with the center of competence in cyber security of the National Innovation Center LLP with the aim of developing research tools and conducting research on computer technology and software, as well as studying methods and methods of computer forensics.

Laboratory tasks:

– scientific activities in the field of computer forensics;

– forensic research of computer technology;

– software research;

– collection of digital evidence.

The laboratory conducts research on any digital objects – computer equipment, mobile devices, software, network resources. The removal of information is possible, including from defective media. Research is carried out on the basis of scientific research and practical experience of the manufacturer of information security systems.