Laboratory of computational methods and software

Head of the laboratory Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Math.),

Prof. Kudaykulov A.K.

The Laboratory of Computational Methods and Software is engaged in the development of fundamental methods, computational algorithms and application software packages for solving actual applied problems of modern engineering and technology. In particular, based on the fundamental laws of energy conservation, a method, a computational algorithm, and a Python program are being developed that allow to study the  thermo-stress-strain state of structural elements of strategic structures in the form of rods of variable cross section under the simultaneous action of dissimilar types of heat sources. Application packages are developed based on the achievements of modern programming technologies including parallel programming, BigData, etc.

The laboratory develops biometric methods and means of information security, as well as appropriate computational algorithms and software and hardware allowing guaranteed protection and restriction of access to priority information resources of both organizations and individual users. An algorithm for constructing a regular matrix and a program to translate data from the PLY format into a regular elevation matrix are being developed. The laboratory also deals with solving the fundamental scientific problem of seismic exploration and hydroacoustics for interpreting observational data, constructing a thermodynamically consistent mathematical model of fluid motion through an elastically deformable porous medium, taking into account the frequency dependence of the interfacial friction coefficient.

In this area, methods and algorithms are being developed for numerically-analytical modeling of the processes of seismic wave propagation in inhomogeneous porous media with an arbitrary friction coefficient, both a function of the spatial variable and time, and with a relaxation core.

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