Laboratory of artificial intelligence and robotics

Head of the laboratory Dr.Eng.Sc.,

Professor Y.N. Amirgaliyev

Main directions of the research: mathematical methods of pattern recognition, methods of processing speech and graphical signals, image processing, identification and recognition of dynamic objects, artificial intelligence in robotics.

The obtained results:

  • Mathematical models and algorithms of group synthesis in pattern recognition;
  • Methods and models of synthesis and recognition of speech and graphical signals;
  • Recognition system’s automatic setting methods have been developed according to the individual features of the speaker;
  • Software of face and hand gesture recognition;
  • Foundations of the robot intellectualization have been created, both visually and by voice.

A universal mobile robotic platform with hardware and software support that uses developed algorithms of 3-dimensional machine vision and the ability to track the object has been designed.

Mobile platform for scientific purposes

Tracked mobile platform with machine vision for military and special civil services

Special mobile robot for obstacle avoidance

Tracked robot with machine vision

High-speed fighter «Berkut»



Reconnaissance robot

Reconnaissance robot-tank

Mobile minirobot

Obtained intellectual property certificates and Patents

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