Development of optimization methods for a wide class of nanotechnology applications

Information on the project

Project type: Grant funding for the Science Committee Ministry of Education and Science of the RK

Code of the project: №AP05133366 (01.02.2018 – 31.12.2020)

Title: Development of optimization methods for a wide class of nanotechnology applications.

The object of research, development or design: optimization methods focused on solving problems of modeling the properties of nanomaterials

Aim of work: The main objectives of the project are: creation of new methods for solving optimization problems arising in structural materials science; realization on the basis of the developed methods of a software complex for solving urgent problems of nanotechnologies oriented to high-performance computing systems; carrying out a computational experiment aimed at modeling the characteristics of nanomaterials.

Research methods: Methods of mathematical modeling, methods of fast automatic differentiation, methods of optimization of structural materials science, methods of cluster analysis, methods of parallel and distributed calculations.

Field of application: Methodical recommendations on the results of the study are applicable when creating new materials. Consumers of project results may be enterprises engaged in the development and production of new materials.

Project Investigator: Amirkhanova G.A. (IICT CS MES RK)

The organization – executor: IICT CS MES RK