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Big data mining laboratory

Head of the laboratory
Dr.Eng.Sc., associate prof.
Pak А.А.

Purpose of the laboratory:

– Research of scientific methods of analysis and processing of big data, namely, the improvement and application of methods for searching and extracting new knowledge and patterns that are not available before processing and analyzing traditional algorithms.

The main tasks of the laboratory are:

  • Application of machine learning elements in designing an information system of selecting recommendations for clients;
  • Development of a corporate database for the integrated information structure of specialized systems (environmental and other systems);
  • Design, operation and development of software for high-performance computing systems, computing clusters and supercomputers;
  • Expansion of experimental and production sites of computational experiments using a supercomputer (KazNU, KazNTU, etc.).

The main areas of scientific activity of the laboratory:

  • Data Mining methods;
  • Mixing and integration of data;
  • Application of machine learning;
  • Predictive analytics.

The received results

The complex is developed it is information – logistic models and methods of management of transport transportations. The space network database on the basis of graph model in the system of transportations is developed for effective planning and management of transportations and modeling of road maps.

The information system of process of recovery of the soils contaminated by xenobiotics is designed. The corporate database containing information on the territories contaminated by pesticides, on amount of outdated pesticides in these territories and level of pollution of soils organochlorine pesticides is developed.