Information on the project

Project type: Program-targeted funding for the Science Committee Ministry of Education and Science of the RK

Code of the project: BR05236839 (01.01.2018 – 31.01.2020)

Title: Development of information technologies and systems for stimulation of sustainable development of the personality as one of bases of development of digital Kazakhstan.

The object of research, development or design: Open electronic text information sources of news character and their content

Aim of work: The purpose of this work are research and development of various techniques for assessment of the impact of open information sources on society on the basis of the analysis of the published text information and their algorithmic realization as a part of the corresponding information and analytical system.

Research methods: To achieve the goal and solve research problems, at each stage of work various methods and approaches were used, such as: a sociological survey, an expert survey, a method of theoretical analysis and generalization of scientific and analytical literature, an additive method for constructing indices, general scientific methods of observation, systematization, generalization, statistical method, linguistic methods of contextual, discursive, interpretative, pragmatic and component analysis, introspection, etc.

Field of application: Results of a research will be applied to development of the automated system of assessment of the impact of open text information sources on society. Research results will also be useful to application in the field of political science, sociology, journalism, information technologies.

Project Investigator: Musabayev R.R. (IICT CS MES RK)

The organization – executor: IICT CS MES RK, Co-executor: JSC «IAC» MES RK