Information on the project

Project type: Grant financing for the Science Committee Ministry of Education and Science of the RK

Code of the project: AP05134019 (01.01.2018 – 31.12.2020)

Title: Development of scientific and methodological foundations and applied aspects of constructing a distributed information support system for innovation activities, considering the specific features of each stage of the life cycle of innovations.

The object of research, development or design: Enterprises and organizations leading innovative activities in various sectors of the economy

Aim of work: The Project goal is to study the problems of innovations informational support based on the specifics of individual stages of their life cycle, develop the theoretical and methodological approaches to solve these problems and appropriate working tools, as well as prepare on this basis specific project proposals for improving the regional information support system of innovation activity and create a working prototype of the information system.

Research methods: To achieve the goal and solve research problems, at each stage of work various methods and approaches were used, such as: methods of mass observers, analysis of business processes, the theory of building object-oriented software, economic-mathematical methods and models, a method of theoretical analysis and generalization of scientific and analytical literature, an additive method for constructing indices, general scientific methods of observation, systematization, generalization, statistical method, etc.

Field of application: The results of the research can be applied at all territorial levels, as well as at large enterprises, which will ensure the guaranteed commercializability of the scientific results obtained. Users of the results are legal entities and individuals engaged in innovation activity. The project results will be breakthrough and will have an impact on the science and technology development.

Project Investigator: Utepbergenov I.T. (IICT CS MES RK)

The organization – executor: IICT CS MES RK