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СахариевSoftware and technical support of the Institute’s local area network. Operation of the internet and e-mail. Hardware and software maintenance of the website. Participation in the implementation of projects on the subject of the laboratory. Computer-publishing and copying works. Support the departments of the Institute by informational and computing resources. Software and hardware complex was introduced for data provision and to support cloud technologies.

A system has been set up for holding various presentations, including for holding seminars. The developed site contains the necessary information about the institute and allows to provide electronic document management.


                                                                            The website of the Institute –

The computer-publishing complex was implemented, providing a full technological cycle of the creation of polygraphic products.


                                                                       Computer-publishing complex

Software and hardware complex was developed for data storage devices (flash drives) with secure access. It has systematically participated in the creation of special sites for various conferences held at the institute with further support. The software and technical state of the servers as  Internet server, mail server, DNS server, file server is constantly being maintained, the hardware and software Internet gateway Ideco ICS is being modernized.

The software for mail and file servers is regularly updated. In order to ensure uninterrupted communications, duplication of Internet flows was carried out.