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УтепбергеновThe main goal and objectives of the laboratory: research, development of theoretical foundations and tools for creating smart technologies based on the architectural approach, ICT outsourcing and "cloud" platforms and coordination of research activities of the institute's laboratories to strengthen this area and further commercialize their results.


Utepbergenov I.T., А. Т. Аkhmediyarova, Sh. N. Sagindykova, J. R. Кuandykova Problem of Transport Network Analysis for Identifying Bottlenecks // Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2016; 4(5):ISSN 2321-435X (Online), ISSN 2347-9523 (Print).

M.N. Kalimoldayev, Utepbergenov I.T., T.O. Musin,  А. Т. Аkhmediyarova Development of the effective system of cloud technologies for the engineering education sector of the Republic of  Kazahstan // Proceedings of International Conference on Engineering Education and Research (iCEER2016), 21-24 November 2016. Western Sydney University, Parramatta  Campus, Sydney, Australia. ISBN: 978-0-646-95724-1

Utepbergenov I.T., Ainur Akhmediyarova, Dinara Kassymova, Anar Utegenova Development and research of the algorithm for determining the maximum flow at distribution in the network // Online Journal “Open Computer Science”, Volume 6, Issue 1 (Jan 2016), DE GRUYTER OPEN. Online ISSN 2299-1093.