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About us

“Institute of information and computational technologies” RSE with the right of economic control (till 2014 was named “Institute of problems of informatics and control”) was established in September 1991 for intensive and intentional development of fundamental and applied research in the field of computer science, control and scientific support of the informatization program of the Republic.

The staff  of  the Institute consists of 217 employees, including 3 academicians, 2 corresponding members of NAS of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 42 doctors and 42 candidates of Science. The Institute employs 90 young scientists aged under 39.

Goals And Main Areas Of Scientific Activities Of The Institute

The mission of the institute is informatization of society and implementation of fundamental and applied research in computer science, management and modeling.

The main areas of research of the Institute of Information and Computational Technologies are:

  • Information and computational technologies;
  • Information security;
  • Theory of parametric regulation of nonlinear dynamic systems on the market economy;
  • Problems of pattern recognition, classification and decision theory;
  • Optimization and optimal control of dynamic systems;
  • Development of models, methods and information technologies to construct intelligent expert systems for weather forecasting and management of complex objects;
  • Mathematical modeling and management of dynamic, technical, and economic systems and their applications;
  • Problems of synthesis and recognition of the Kazakh language;
  • Theory of models and specifications of information systems;
  • Robotic systems and 3D-printing;
  • Data mining и Big Data;
  • Digital technologies;
  • GIS-systems.